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Good UX design means Better business? 5 Points to consider

A good UX design is a boon for most businesses as it eases the task of operations and lets the business operate smoothly. Recent technological advancements paved the way for businesses to grow with the help of UI  UX. UI UX can be used for the development of web applications and mobile applications. For example, when a page takes time to load, the user becomes impatient and leaves the page frustrated. This way, businesses lose potential consumers who could have helped them gain revenue. It damages the organization’s reputation and impacts its marketing strategies and revenue. All this can be changed with the help of a good UX design, as it helps benefit an enterprise in several ways. Several examples of bad UX design damaged the business’s reputation. But first, let’s look at the benefits of having a good UX design for a better business.

Improved customer acquisition

  • Customer acquisition is the term used for acquiring new customers. The process of customer acquisition involves persuading or convincing customers to purchase the products, services, or an organization that is worth taking. Organizations and businesses take customer acquisition as an important benchmark in evaluating the value customers bring to the business. A lot of planning and strategies are done to acquire customers; one of the strategies used is UX. A valuable and strong user experience offers a strong competitive advantage to the business in attracting and retaining customers. An aesthetically pleasing design for a site’s brand with more intuitive features helps acquire more customers. It makes it easier for them to build trust and increases the chances of acquiring more potential customers and converting them into clients. In fact, an effective UX design is often an effective strategy in gaining new customers than a reduced price. The best channel for customer acquisition:
    • Content marketing
    • Search engine optimization
    • Email marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Clean and simple UX design
    • Attractive design and click-ready creative

Improved customer retention

  •  Retaining the acquired customer is tougher than acquiring a customer. It requires a lot of strategies and effort to be creative in each and everything done by the organization. The strategies used for customer retention should be able to get value from the existing customer base. Customer retention strategies are largely used for building strong relationships with customers while maximizing revenue from them. Building a good UX design-based, attractive, intuitive application attracts more consumers. It retains them with the business, as they will keep using the app for longer owing to its ease of use. For instance, an online store with a beautifully designed app that easily navigates pushes consumers to place orders or add things to the cart, even if they are not looking to purchase.

Optimize development time and cost

  • It is difficult for users to use a poorly designed app or website that is buggy, has outdated designs, and takes longer to load. Similarly, a website that has poor typography, is confusing to navigate, and has disjointed color schemes will face a high bounce rate. These reasons explain the importance of having a good UX design for a better business. It also helps save time and cost. Businesses with integrated UX design into the development process can easily address the issues with the website or app. So, it becomes a must to launch the website to a smaller audience before launching it to a wider audience so that the loopholes can be found easily and save time and money as well, which goes into creating the website or app repeatedly. This will also help in the future growth of the business.

Increased productivity

  • Today, almost all businesses need an interface that’s cohesive enough to showcase their products and services to the consumers and get business for the organization. The interface can be built using a simple yet effective user experience. Employees can find it tough to work on an engagement and reward system that is outdated, which negatively impacts productivity. An efficient UX design helps streamline menus and layouts that increase employees’ engagement in their tasks. Furthermore, it also helps lessen the errors and promotes smoother workflow for the employees. 

“Tip: Using light colors and highlighting relevant content can grab the user’s attention on the specific content you want to showcase.”

More user engagement

  • Pursuing all the strategies without engagement on the website or the app is pointless. Therefore, it is a must for UX designers to prioritize user engagement and use the same information in their style and design choices. A potential customer stays on the website for about 3 seconds, but the UX designer’s work convinces them they’ve arrived in the right place. This is expected to increase user engagement.  Every page should be planned depending on what will happen on the subsequent and following pages. Typically, this will appear as a call to action, but encouraging user involvement entails more than only instructing consumers on what to do next. Theoretically, each website page needs to be created with a specific goal in mind. It is advantageous for a website to be straightforward and explicit about what the page is about. Its appearance should be less complicated, making the design look hip and fascinating.

A good UX design is very helpful for any kind of business as it increases website search engine optimization and helps bring the website to the top searches. This will help gain more customers for the business and benefit in terms of profit for the business.

Here are 5 Reasons Why UI UX important for your business

Let’s have a look at some examples of bad UX design.

Example1- Delete feature of WhatsApp messages- We are all familiar with the UX design of WhatsApp and the recent feature of deleted messages it added to the app. However, the worst part of the feature is that it informs the recipient that the sender has deleted a message. This irritates the sender and makes it look way more suspicious and get prompted with awkward questions, “why did you delete the message?” type of response.

Example2- Hover autoplay of Netflix- Since it was introduced in 2015, the Netflix autoplay feature has displeased users. A looped trailer or montage will automatically start playing after even a brief hover over the TV program or movie thumbnail. As a result, users cannot view the show’s details or information if a loud trailer is playing when they click on or linger over it. Auto-anything indicates that the designers made significant assumptions about the users’ preferences without actually knowing the user’s requirements.

These examples make it compulsory to have an experienced and skilled UX designer design your websites or apps to avoid such kinds of errors. Oto1 Media has a team of skilled UX designers who will guide you through the whole process of website or app design. We can help you get better business with the help of good UX design. So feel free to contact an experienced designer and get your websites or apps designed beautifully and aesthetically.

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