5 Reasons Why UI UX important for your business

Enhancing your business with the help of UI/UX designs

Understanding UI design

User interface or UI is a feature that has been designed to allow users to interact with products and services listed on an application. It is an important feature which must be added on every application as a well-designed User interface helps anticipate the user’s preferences towards products and services of the brand and makes it easier for the business to understand the needs of the consumers and design the products and services accordingly. A great UI Design focuses on different aspects such as  efficiency, responsiveness, aesthetics, and accessibility. Other layouts for a well designed UI based website or application includes consistent layout, graphics, and ease of use.

Understanding UX design

User experience or UX is usually referred to as different methods and approaches to make sure that the products and services given by your business are designed in such a way that it meets demands of the target audience. A great UX design is created in such a way that helps the user stay on the application and prevents them from leaving the page before making a purchase. So, if in any case, the product and services remain unnoticed, there is some problem in the UX design of the website or application. A well designed UX design should be intuitive, easy-to-use, and inviting.

Benefits of having a great UI UX design for your business

In today’s technological time, when the world is moving at a fast pace, every business desires to reach its goals. For most of the businesses, their prime goal is focused on generating new revenue streams and improving customer approach. The most easy and trusted way to achieve these goals is through mobile applications or digital web. A delightful and responsive user experience is surely key to a successful product and service. We present you some benefits of UI/UX design for your business.

Increases user engagement

A correct approach towards a great user experience  will  help understand the requirements of the user in a better way. In many cases when a new user visits the app or website for the first time, it is very much crucial for an organization. First impression of an app always lasts longer and determines whether they’d leave or continue browsing. The user engagement to the app for a longer time is the second most critical task. A better UI/UX design engages the user in such a way that they keep digging deep into the app and explore more products and services. For instance, the website of newly rebranded MailChimp login added a bit of their brand personality through the hand-drawn illustrations. UX/UI-wise, the design is very simple and minimal. The design guides the users about the latest happenings on the page.

We at 0to1 Media helps create a better UX UI design with a great login page so that the user can login easily and also provides a better chance to learn something new on building better relationships with the users. 

Ease of use

A website created with the mixture of UI UX is a perfect solution for making an app easy for the target audience. The comfort of using an app is what most users prioritize, hence the development of apps and websites make the life of people easy. Most users prefer browsing an app without any obstructions. In order to keep the audience hooked to the website, UI/UX is used which presents the products in a simple and decent manner. For instance, most of the apps such as Instagram have their menus at the bottom instead of the usual top menu on desktop. This type of design based on UX studies makes the navigation easier as the navigation bar remains in the same position irrespective of the page the user is viewing.

We at 0to1 Media helps in creating simple and responsive pages for your website which will engage the customers and keep them hooked to the website.

User Retention

User retention is the desire of every business as when a business is putting in efforts they like when the users keep coming to the website and app repeatedly. While designing the website it is very much important to involve UI UX for continuous tweaks, feedback loop, and redesign of features based on data. This helps in creating a balanced first impression of the website or app and increases the chances of user retention. For instance, the Facebook or Instagram app has the highest user retention as people keep coming back to the app for continuous and uninterrupted entertainment. For instance, Uber made the app convenient for the drivers which increased the number of uber driver partners rapidly.

0to1 media has a well trained team for UI/UX design and development which will help you create websites for products and services in such a way that it attracts the customers or users again and again and will help increase the user retention rate.

User centric

Having a user interface by keeping in mind the needs and requirements of probable customers will surely help increase the sale of the product and services and bring revenue to the business. This approach towards building a website and app is called as  user centric approach. Some key principles that must be followed to achieve a user centric UI/UX design must remember that the design is for the users and their tasks. Usability of the design can be increased with the help of iterative design, which gradually and consistently improves the overall performance of the app design. This can be improved with the help of assessments and data from the early stages of design. This is an effective process to keep the product on the right track towards more improvement.

0to1 Media helps create user centric websites and apps for your business which will help increase sales and generate revenue for the business.

Business growth

The main aim of an UI/UX design is the satisfaction of the customer, thus it is a crucial part of the business’ success. The products shown on the website or app have the tendency to influence the decision of potential customers’ and make them end the dilemma and choose purchasing your products and services. In today’s competitive world, the need for UI/UX design became very important to create value for the brand and grab the attention of the users’. This is helpful in the growth of the business and in generating revenue for the business and also enhances the reputation of the business. A well developed UI/UX design must have user-centric strategies, which would definitely help in converting the product and services into an increase in customer retention and satisfaction. Thus, it can also generate high statistics for the business and generate more revenue.

0to1 Media has professionals trained in such a way that they help create you UI/UX based apps and websites in such a way that helps generate revenue for your business.

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